The Truth to the Saying, "Some Feel the Rain. Others Only Get Wet."

Some people feel the rain. Others only get wet.


When life tries us, we have two options. To grit our teeth and keep moving, thinking that it’s simply part of life and that we must overcome to make something of ourselves. The other option is to fully experience the low points, showing up for the healing hiding in every shadow.


While it’s common knowledge that everyone experiences pain, it’s less common to find someone who has faced the darkness, sat with it and healed. That’s waking up and living an examined life. Being open, honest and willing to show how far we’ve come means we have evolved. We’ve healed.


If we remember a difficult time, shudder at the thought and quickly shove it back down, we haven’t fully realized the depths of the human experience. Likely, we have yet to heal what the situation brought out within us.


I always thought that there was something wrong with me. I thought I was strange, overdramatic and “soft”. In reality, I was showing up.  


I showed up to feel the things no human wants to feel. I faced them, day after day after day, to allow them to rise. I worked to heal instead of grind through. I examined, I saw and I felt without constraint.


Of course, it was a nightmare. My body ached for months; I had to pretend I was alive time and time again. Eventually, I realized that not only are these times part of life, but they are life itself.


Imagine a vertical spectrum which measures the experience of life. On one end, the highest high and on the other, the lowest low. When you show up to feel the lowest low, you have created the capacity to feel the highest high. When you simply drop your head, stay wrapped in your cocoon and say “it will get better” over and over, you never reach the bottom. From here, you never reach the top either.


When you start to see every situation as an opportunity to heal a part inside of you, you experience life. You can understand that life is actually helping you, even when it feels like an endless night. When you aren’t living up to your true potential or you’re ignoring the call of your soul, difficulties will present themselves. If you don’t listen when the universe whispers, it will shake you until you hear it.


In that shaking, you can either show up for the message or simply label it as “a hard time”. Obviously, this doesn’t take away from how dark and miserable the suffering can get. I know it can seem insurmountable; however, the light within us is always greater than the dark. We are each pieces of the universe which is more joyous, abundant and limitless than we can imagine. It’s only a matter of time until the light shines again. But, understanding that within every darkness lies the brightest star is how we can experience the full spectrum of life.