Why You Need a Morning Practice

Every morning (okay, most mornings), I wake up and say thank you three times before my feet hit the floor. I take a minute to stretch and fill my lungs with air, noticing as my chest rises. I exhale completely, releasing any tension I might be holding from my time asleep. As soon as I get up, I walk straight to my meditation area with my laptop and play my kundalini meditation. From here, I meditate with soft healing tones in the background for 10-15 minutes followed by Shakti breathing, maybe pull an oracle card or two, then finish with an essential oil practice. If I have time, I do a feminine embodiment practice dancing or just moving however my body wants to. It sounds like a lot because, well, it is.  


I’ve worked my way up to this practice; I certainly didn’t start out with a 45-minute morning ritual. However, as I watched my consciousness and experience elevate with my commitment to myself first thing each morning, it grew even longer. I fell in love with spending time alone, reconnecting with my soul and cutting through the noise to hear its call.


Meditation is so much more than a way to clear your mind. It sends a vibrational signal to the Universe that you are willing to show up and honor yourself, your divinity and your life purpose before you answer the world’s demands. That kind of energy changes lives, shifting you into your destiny rather than your human experience.


When you ground into your seat, connecting with the floor, closing your eyes and just exist, you are practicing raising your consciousness. In raising your consciousness, you are making space. The brain runs constantly, especially today as it is never left unstimulated. Sitting down to meditate and concentrate on the present moment, finding peace, offers a reprieve from the furiously turning cogs in the brain.


Think about it this way, when is the last time your mind actually tuned out? Virtually never. Even when we sleep, the mind still mulls over the day, your worries and processes through your subconscious.


Meditating carves out that space that is strictly reserved for the soul that you came to this planet with. Thinking, planning and analyzing comes from day-to-day human life, when, in reality, we came here to live out the purpose of our highest Self. If we constantly ruminate about our human experience, where is the room for the soul?




At the end of the day, all we are is energy in a dense form. This body will not transcend, but the soul will. In quieting your mind, slowly, practice-by-practice, you will find that you can easily hear the whispers of the light within. You will see what your highest consciousness wants you to see. You will feel the way you are made to feel.


I started with a 10-minute kundalini meditation each morning and slowly added on. As my routine grew longer, my life changed rapidly. It was as if I finally tapped into everything my soul had been begging to tell me for years.


When you are tapped into the purest, most real part of yourself before you step foot into your day, your experience will be worlds different. The little things won’t bother you as much because you’ve made space between your nerve endings. There’s a saying, “Meditation doesn’t change your life, it changes how you react to it.” If that doesn’t appeal to you, you haven’t experienced it.


“Putting yourself first” doesn’t mean forgoing service of others. It means settling into who you are and grounding into your power before you serve. When you are in alignment with your essence and divine nature, your gifts flow freely and easily. So spend the time, make the space. Whatever your practice looks like, it doesn’t matter. When you make the time to come back to what’s real, you will find yourself on the path you were meant to live.


To truly be of service, you need to honor the divinity of every living thing on this planet – including yourself.