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What Fitness Instructors Need to Know About Mental Health and Eating Disorders

Buzz terms like self-care and self-love have taken hold in the fitness industry — at least, on a superficial level. As someone who used to gaze at #fitspo photos on Pinterest for hours to fuel my aggressive workout and nutrition routine, I’ve wondered for years about how the changing body-positive tide could coexist with the fitness industry.

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Recovering from Self-Punishing Tendencies and Seeing Them for What They Really Are

Self-punishing serves as a guise for an issue that many of us face: lack of self-worth. Did I really want to work out until couldn’t stand? No. Did the years of emotional neglect create a wound that I had no idea how to heal? Yes. Taking time to heal led me to see this issue for what it really was - a turn away from the truth.

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How a Recovering Shopping Addict Found Minimalism and Conscious Fashion

The journey from borderline shopping addict to minimalist is one of my most personal. I bought clothes, shoes, makeup, you name it, all in an effort to fill the void. The culture we live in promotes this, and more of us than you think fall victim. Read about my personal journey, along with the way the fast fashion industry is harming the world.

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