Channeling Guidance Isn't Just for Mystics

So often, I am blown away at healers, seers and mystics. They talk about getting visions and seeing images. I listen so closely to hear what they say and what they're describing, thinking I could never have that ability. I've heard over and over again that all of us have the ability within us, it's just about awakening it.

I've laid off the energy work recently after I released an extremely dark pocket of energy. My spiritual practice over the last few weeks involves just grounding into my own energy. Nothing fancy, just 20 minutes with my palms face down on my knees, rooting myself to the Earth. I've stopped drinking alcohol and coffee, but still eat dairy and other "energy blocking" foods. Interestingly, after meditating, I kept picking the Saint Germain oracle card reading, "Work Your Magic," which is all about manifestation.

With a relaxed practice, I thought I was less connected and tapped into my intuition. But, as I've let go, I've found the opposite.


When I first started meditating, I just thought it was a technique to quell an anxious mind, which I desperately needed. As time went on, and my sessions grew longer, I started to see images. I thought they were just my mind wandering and liked following them from time to time.

Eventually, I started hearing messages along with the images and I knew it was no longer just my mind wandering. I saw my soul in chains before I quit my job. I saw a stone in the middle of a forest with the message to ground myself before I moved further. I saw flashes of colors, pointing me to where I needed to heal.

The strangest part is, these don't seem that foreign. The images and messages came from inside of me. Connected with source, my soul recognized the messages my guides were relaying and showed me when I was finally relaxed.

When I try to force these images, they don't come. When I overdo it and continuously ask for a specific answer, it doesn't come. So, when I stepped back from my kundalini practice to ground my energy, I tapped into what my soul already knows.

I never thought I would be able to read other people either.

I was speaking with a friend yesterday and she told me about her struggle with body image issues. As she was talking, I felt a familiar sensation in my throat. It was tightening.

Her story mirrors mine in many ways, and suddenly I realized that my body was responding to her energy. Without consciously thinking anything other than concern, my intuition picked up where there was energy moving within her energetic field.

As I've conceptualized the idea of the human body as an energetic being, I understand more about how our fields interact with one another. The energy within my friend's throat chakra is also in mine and I could feel the blockage. The ability to sense energy came from my meditation practice and developing my consciousness.

Meditation is more than quieting your mind. It involves increasing your consciousness to new levels so that your frequency is high enough to hear the divine wisdom that lies inside. I never thought that I would have the ability to hear, see and feel messages, but as I followed my heart, my intuition became clearer.

Making space in your mind allows for messages to flood in; these are usually the messages that have been dying to reach you. The harder we try and the more forcefully we push only blocks the messages further.

Follow your intuition, ask for guidance and stay open to whatever comes. We are much more magical than we think.