The Way Out is Through: Choosing to Heal Rather Than Repeat

The word “healing” literally used to make my body close off. I wanted nothing to do with it. I figured I was tough, didn’t need any tears and could talk my way through anything. I went through trial after trial, hardship after hardship; I hadn’t realized that my reluctance to heal was actually causing my suffering.


When we are wounded, our bodies and energies catalog the damage. Every single thing that has happened to us stays in our energy field. Most people go through life thinking it’ll go away by itself. “Out of sight, out of mind,” couldn’t be further from the truth. 


Our spirit remembers. Our spirit takes note of every trauma, wound and dark night of the soul. When we simply wait for things to get better and avoid revisiting these times, we miss a massive opportunity to heal what caused it and keep that energy locked inside.


Some of my darkest moments gave way to my most significant breakthroughs. I’m not talking about a few weeks where I felt a little off, I mean the months I went without feeling anything and the weeks I cried every minute of every hour.


The pain I experienced throughout my life proved my greatest teacher and my greatest gift. It is my greatest gift because I was forced to heal myself. I always knew that one day, I would have to repair the dark parts of me that I carried with me for years. I never knew how it would happen, but in order to be who I am meant to be on this planet, I need to repair the pieces of me I lost and neglected.


When we shove our feelings down, as children often do because they have yet to develop emotional reasoning, those feelings stay trapped inside our energy fields and create a vibration. These vibrations attract more of the same lessons as opportunities to finally release the pattern. So, when we ask, “why does this keep happening to me?” we are actually noticing the vibration deep within our spirit. The choices we make when these situations arise determine whether or not the pattern will continue.


This is what healing is. The universe always presents us with situations that can help us, even in painful ways. Pain demands to be felt; ignoring it, pretending it no longer hurts or pushing it away forces it to come out sideways. Put it this way, we can either experience the pain to its fullest extent, letting it out, or watch as the pattern plays out in our lives from our subconscious.


I’ve tried it both ways. Neither of which I would call fun. However, moving through any wound, no matter how trivial it may seem to others, is a powerful process. Having the courage to look the darkness in the face and feel it for your life to improve changes you forever. Once you have made the choice to heal and continue healing, your energy shifts.


Showing up for the hard parts makes life meaningful. Fully leaning into the dark corners and shadows brings us to depths many never reach. Each “divine assignment” is essential to the growth of our soul and when we hide from it, our evolution will halt completely. Once we move through it and finally release the entire wound, the soul learns something it needed on its journey.


I know it hurts. I know you don’t know what to do. I know it is the scariest thing you’ve ever thought about.


Show up.


Feel it.




Feel angry.


Feel anxious.


Let it out.


Your feelings are valid, real and show you where your deepest, most powerful healing needs to take place. Let these emotions guide you. We are not our emotions and they are not us. They simply point us in the direction we need to heal.


Think of yourself at a time when life was the hardest. Imagine them right in front of you and start talking to them. They might be 5, 18 or 27 years old, or they might be a year younger than you are today; tell them what they need to hear. Send them more love than you could possibly imagine. Heal those parts of you. Cradle the scared child. Hold the unsure 24-year-old.


When something triggering comes up, don’t push it back down. Think about it, keep thinking about it. Let the emotions bubble to the surface and watch them as they release. Consciously keeping your heart open, breathe deeply and relax around the pain to release it. Slowly, the memory will fade to the background, weighing lighter on your spirit.


Believe me when I say this: the way out is through. We will never become the version of ourselves we were meant to be if we avoid the truth our souls speak. Visiting the areas of our lives that need healing takes commitment, but so does learning the same lesson over and over again for the rest of your life.