Living a Conscious Life is for Everyone, Regardless of “Look”


Being conscious does not have to mean you wear eclectic clothes, jewelry, and hairstyles. In fact, it doesn’t have to be about any of the external “looks” we call hippie, grunge or artistic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these looks, but you don’t need to fit the mold to use mantras, crystals, and meditation.

I love wearing pink, Lululemon leggings and perusing Nordstrom sometimes. They make me feel good, but I know these things aren’t the pillars of who I am. As I’ve gotten further along my conscious path, I’ve found I need a lot less of these items than I thought I did.

My mother’s love language is gift giving; every Christmas, birthday and Tuesday we got random items she wanted to give to us. Any time something happened, we were rewarded with things. Eventually, my sister and I were so used to be surrounded by meaningless items that our world revolved around what we possessed.

I know what it’s like to feel down and speed to the mall in the hopes of buying a new shirt that will take away the troubles, only to find I felt worse once the purchase-high died down. I wanted the things to define me: fun, always happy, well-liked. My life centered around my appearance.

The first time I watched the documentary, Minimalism on Netflix, I cried my eyes out as the narrator said, “these things won’t do it for you.” I felt as if a picture of my 21-year-old self was going to flash across the screen.

I didn’t need a new shirt and high waisted jeans to define me. My priority had shifted to living as the highest self I realized during meditation. Did it matter what clothes I meditated in? Not one bit.

Along the spiritual path, we eventually run straight into the fact that our soul has nothing to do with our appearance. We are souls having a human experience, not the other way around. The gradual detachment between the two can lead to a different perspective when it comes to the way we look.

Listen, I still love wearing pink. I just understand the enjoyment I feel is for me and not anyone else. I also understand that these items don’t bring lasting joy. Once you start to wake up to what’s real, the outside holds less weight. A new shirt no longer is the highlight of my week because my day-to-day experience is so much richer and meaningful than I ever thought it would be. My joy comes from each moment I am present and my connection to the source.

I’ve found the real things that make my soul happy. Walking in the grass, feeling the sunlight, travel, meditation, the list goes on. You would never guess I meditate from my appearance and I don’t care, because the solace I have found goes far beyond looking like I’ve found it.

If you like crystals, meditation, and mantras, you can still live a conscious life without trying to fit the mold of what people think it looks like. Call upon your highest self as often as possible. Let this self shine through all you do; what it looks like from the outside doesn’t matter.