Meaning is Everything

You’ve heard the story a thousand times. The person gets everything they’ve ever wanted - the house, the car, the career, the family. The emptiness that overtakes them leaves no trail back to its source.


It is in this struggle that we can clearly see a larger effect taking place. The person ignored their soul, their creativity, their individuality and avoided efforts to discover who it is that watches their thoughts pass. They have never taken the time to discover who is underneath the thoughts, the emotions and the personality – the soul. In creating a person formed around the opinions and expectations of others, they attract situations for the manufactured person rather than the soul. In other words, the ego created this life while evading the true reason for its existence.


Meaning is everything.


I’m not talking about the weekend grill out every holiday that people say is “what life is all about”. I mean fulfilling the dharma you came to Earth with. Every single soul has a dharma to fulfill when they take on this lifetime. It doesn’t have to be a large, far-reaching purpose. For some it can be to be a really good parent or to share a message they’ve spent their lives learning. Others it may be to spend as much time outside as possible. Whatever it is, without it, our experience on this earth doesn’t feel quite right, regardless of external circumstances. In falling victim to the entanglements and expectations of the ego, this life-sustaining gift all but dries out.


In Wayne Dyer’s “I Can See Clearly Now”, he discusses Viktor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” in which the author chronicles his time spent in concentration camps during the Second World War. Frankl explains that the memories seared on his brain from his harrowing experience included the men in the barracks who comforted those without hope and shared their last pieces of food. He also explains that the people who had something to live for increased their chances of survival exponentially.


The struggles that we face pale in comparison to the power of our dharma. Every single obstacle, difficulty or setback we experience can lead us further to our purpose if we are willing to see it that way. Whatever you are up against is preparing you for the destiny your soul willingly took on. Give up the struggle and surrender to what your soul needs to do in this lifetime to fulfill its mission. It will always find its way.


Meaning is everything.


Without a greater purpose, giving back to others with an open heart and seeing everyone on a soul level, our lives are shells of what they are meant to be. To give is to receive. When we give from an open heart, we fulfill our dharma. Regardless of what your gifts look like, unbridled compassion makes up the truth of our soul’s nature.


Start peeling back the layers. Who do you think you are? Who do others think you are? Where did these manufactured ideas come from? Do you need them?


Start doing things you enjoy doing. Do you like to read? Does going to a bar really only make you happy for 20 minutes? Who are the people that make you feel great? Who are the people that don’t? What are you good at that you don’t like doing?


These are ways you can wake up to the stirrings of your soul that holds your dharma. Even in the direst of circumstances, meaning can sustain us. Meaning is the reason why we wake up. In pretending that meaning lies outside of us or that we only need it sometimes, we turn away from the very root of our existence.


Meaning is everything.


This doesn’t mean you need to spend every hour of every day killing yourself to find your calling or make a difference. It just means that there is a soul beneath the ego that is begging you to listen. Who is that person?


The good news is that finding the answer to the question is the fun part.