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What Fitness Instructors Need to Know About Mental Health and Eating Disorders

Buzz terms like self-care and self-love have taken hold in the fitness industry — at least, on a superficial level. As someone who used to gaze at #fitspo photos on Pinterest for hours to fuel my aggressive workout and nutrition routine, I’ve wondered for years about how the changing body-positive tide could coexist with the fitness industry.

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Recovering from Self-Punishing Tendencies and Seeing Them for What They Really Are

Self-punishing serves as a guise for an issue that many of us face: lack of self-worth. Did I really want to work out until couldn’t stand? No. Did the years of emotional neglect create a wound that I had no idea how to heal? Yes. Taking time to heal led me to see this issue for what it really was - a turn away from the truth.

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